Our Story

Voices of She was founded by educational innovator Yasmine Bennett, M.Ed. From her own experience as a a woman of color and witnessing the experiences of other women of color around her, Yasmine grew an interest in how women of color experience voice in different areas. As an educator she was overwhelmed with the number of her female students of color who felt unseen and unheard. Yasmine was also disturbed by the ways in which the issues of girls of color seemed to be dismissed by educational leaders, as well as program and policy makers at numerous educational tables. She knew she had to do something about it, so she vowed to be an advocate for her students and speak up for them and their needs. Yasmine is a firm believer that in order for social change to happen for our students of color, we have to be diligent in creating programs that work to uplift both boys and girls of color in ways specific to each demographic.

Yasmine created Voices of She as a way to speak to the specific need for girls of color to be heard and valued. Voices of She was developed to create a space for girls of color to feel like they have a voice not only in school but in society, and to give them the tools to develop their voices so that they can be heard on platforms where they currently are not.


Our Mission & Vision

Voices of She is an non profit organization working with young women of color from ages 13-25 years old, that focuses on building their self agency, self advocacy and authentic voice, while encouraging activism in social justice issues. We do this by putting on workshops, seminars, and resource fairs to get information to our audience . Our main focus is on issues around personal health, education and professional development and other issues where women of color need more visibility.